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  Governance studies the mechanisms, processes and rules used to exercise economic, politic and administrative authority within an organization, whether belonging to a business, to the state or to the third type (NGOs), trying to understand how are institution conducts determined in view of the different agents and rules which have influence on them.

This modern multidisciplinary approach analyzes, among other things, which is the internal design of an organizational structure, how it is that the incentive payments' system which rules the relationships between its members operates, what is the impact of legal regulations which regulate their actions, which are the moral and social restrictions that influence the conducts of their agents, either directors or managers, what is the influence of external institution actors which have interests potentially affected by the institution (stakeholders).

The main groups of academic disciplines included in this study are:
  • Behaviour theories of organizations and social aspects of management.
  • Economic theories of transaction costs and institutional economy.
  • Legal theories on company personality and labour law.
  • Financial theories on corporate governance and its legal regulation (Sarbanes-Oxley Act., etc.)
  • New theories on human resources and leadership.
  • Philosophy of economy, business ethics, corporative citizenship and company social responsibility.
  • The study of public policies and regulation of relationships between the State, the companies and NGOs.

Our company is staffed with highly trained professionals with postgraduate studies in company management. This places us in a privileged position to offer this modern service to our clients.

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