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  Human Resources, also known as Human Potential or Human Capital, refers to the group of workers, collaborators or people who are part of a business or company and who are the main assets when facing great challenges.

Our services contribute with our clients so they can use the best management tools available, optimize processes, promote excellency and reduce costs; making a compromise with the company's vision and goals and, therefore, working together as a genuine team to select the most suitable professional for each requirement.

Recruit talent, manage and retain staff, measure and enable the development and acquisition of skills and abilities, produce leaders for each need, improve working environment, promote internal communications, develop emotional intelligence, combine working life and private life, resolve efficiently conflicts are some of the issues we can help with in order to obtain more and better results.

Personnel search and selection

It consists in the recruiting and evaluation of qualified personnel for permanent and/or temporary positions in the companies. The use of modern working methods enables us to evaluate competences, personalities, as well as the future of the selected candidates. For this purpose, we try to understand the organization's culture in order to find the candidate with the best profile for the position to be filled, never forgetting the company's values or the professional competences necessary.


Our training programs specialize in: Leadership, Motivation, Communication, Team work, Cultural intelligence for intercultural teams, Negotiation and peaceful resolution of conflicts, Learning processes and intergenerations coexistence, Balance between working life and private life, Positive attitudes.

Individual and group coaching

Focusing on the needs of each organization, this learning process accompanies all the different work groups in order to obtain better results in case of posible scenario changes, allowing the development of new strategies to resolve tensions between teams and improving individual or group productivity, so that people may feel the satisfaction to belong to the Company and make their professional contribution to it.

Mentoring and Young Professionals Programs

Our Mentoring Program provides the organizations with the necessary tools to develop their human capital, to transfer important tacit knowledge from one group of collaborators to another and retain valuable collaborators. Young Professionals Program is targeted to develop recruiting and development programs of young professionals by means of an induction, training and follow-up plan, through the design of customized programs.

Evaluation of performance and potential

We offer a service which allows the systematic, regular, objective and complete measuring of the collaborator's professional behaviour. This helps in the evaluation of his performance and aligns people with company's objectives, business line or area, through personal and professional development. It is a tool which allows the implementation of compensation policies, taking decisions on promotions and internal changes, motivation of employees, estimation of collaborators' potential and improvement of performance, among some examples.

Loan Staff services

It consists in the periodical or temporary allocation of specialized personnel to lend support to business administration, in order to resolve special situations, due to: Implementation of new administration systems, Internal personnel reorganizations, Replacement of personnel due to leaves.

Corporate events

We offer help in the organization of any activities within a business. Some of our specialties are: Year-end events, Internal events within the organization, Special dates, Outdoor activities, Healthy days, Training sessions, Breakfast meetings.

Compensations and benefits

Guidance for the implementation of strategic compensation programs, adapted to the culture of each corporation and each market, taking into consideration performance and productivity criteria. Our services include: Policy design and C&B programs and tools, Salary structures, Benefit plans, Compensation plans according to performance and results obtained, Surveys and analysis of benefits, Analysis and descriptions of jobs.

Personnel administration

We offer different services to simplify daily activities within the companies, such as: Digitalization of files, Manuals for Employees, Preparation of legal documents according to local legislation, Policies and Procedure Manuals, Conduct Manuals.

Communication programs

Different tools to facilitate internal communications within the organization, according to company needs and requirements. Among the services offered, we are good at: Designing organizational policies, Benefit programs offered by the company, Year Schedule of events (holidays, special events, payment dates, and others), Individual and group outplacement.

Individual and group outplacement

We offer the organizations advice and support services in order to satisfy the needs of their collaborators in outplacement processes or labor reallocation, termination, professional reorientation, and others. The service consists in: Preparation and layout of CV, Advice in search techniques, Cultural activities, Search in job sites, Use of leisure time.

Organizational environment diagnosis

We offer tools which allow measuring the degree of labor satisfaction of collaborators, in order to be able to develop a plan of action to increase commitment, efficiency, as well as employees' motivation within the organization. For this purpose we carry out opinion surveys, where motivational factors crop up and may be appreciated, as well as those negative points which affect usual performance.

Support for mergers and acquisitions

Both mergers and acquisitions produce a cultural and organizational impact in the companies. This is why we offer tools which allow the designing of strategies to obtain the balance aimed at, by identifying opportunities, minimizing impact in collaborators, which are some of the aspects of F&A processes.

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